Riverslea Farm Naturally Raised  Meats

 Lamb and Goat Price per lb.
Neck Chops $8.00
Shanks $8.00
Ground Meat $9.00
Link Sausage (Hot, Sweet or Greek) $9.50
Stew Meat $10.00
Shoulder Chops $10.00
Loin Strip Steaks $13.00
Boneless Shoulder $13.00
Bone-in Leg $13.00
Leg Steaks $13.00
Boneless Leg $15.00
Rib Racks $17.00
Loin and Rib Chops $17.00
Kabob $15.00
Tiny Tenderloins $10.00 per 1/2 lb.
Call or email for organ meat and special orders.  

Our Livestock
We raise lambs and kids for meat at Riverslea Farm. We also buy from a network of family farms. Our animals are raised in a natural healthy environment. When they’re not on pasture, they eat grain, hay and water without antibiotic or hormonal additives. No pesticides are applied to our wool.

USDA Flash Frozen Meats
We butcher very young lamb and kid to produce extremely tender, mild-flavored meat. Our natural meat is cut and flash frozen at Lemay & Sons, Goffstown NH USDA#9542. Custom freezer and barbecue orders are available by appointment

Riverslea Favorites

  • Gently pan fry kabobs in a bit of olive oil. Marinate with apple cider, honey and rosemary if you must.
  • Bake chops at 350° on a shallow rack rather than grilling. Coat with a paste of mustard and thyme.
  • Put a chunk of your favorite cheese inside a lamb burger. Serve with hot or sweet pepper relish.
  • Kid is ultra lean and it stands up to strong seasonings. Try it in chili and curries.

We use lamb sausage in soups and kabobs or shanks for our stews. Cook with carrots, parsnips, potatoes, baby turnips, onions, garlic, spinach etc.


Jeff and Liz Conrad
362 North River Rd., Epping NH 03042
Phone: 603 679-2629 
E-mail: info (at) riversleafarm (dot) com