Welcome to Riverslea Farm

Owned and operated by Jeff and Liz Conrad since 1991.

We are located in Epping, NH, a short distance from the seacoast and about 65 miles north of Boston. 

We raise sheep and goats for the sale of meat, skins and wool.  We sell our naturally raised meat animals directly to the public.  Our washable sheepskins and wool products are sold from our farm shop and by mail.

Our 50 Riverslea sheep are primarily a cross of Leicester and Dorset.  The Leicesters are good mothers who produce twins, triplets and beautiful wool. 

The Dorset blood gives us rapid growth and fine-grained meat.

Over the years we’ve found that crossbreed vigor gives us a healthy flock and some interesting wool, so you’ll find a sprinkling of other breeds including Lincoln, Cotswold, Romney and Romeldale.

We began our goat herd with Nubians, who are excellent milk producers, and Alpines, another hardy dairy breed.  In 1996, we introduced South African Boer in order to get a meatier animal.  Today, we breed our 40 crossbred does exclusively with Boer bucks.  This gives us extremely lean and tender meat.



Call ahead or catch us in Monday through Saturday. We’re closed on Sundays. 

We’re closed on all major holidays.




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Jeff and Liz Conrad
362 North River Rd., Epping NH 03042
Phone: 603 679-2629 
E-mail: info (at) riversleafarm (dot) com